Sunday, March 13, 2016

InspirationFX: Golden Light

Golden Light
by: Dwyn Tomlinson

These earrings are lighter than air, lighter than light, lighter than the kiss of a golden sunrise, which is what they most resemble!

Using these bead frame settings, without any backs, is the secret to making these big, statement earrings that are comfy to wear. The colour combinations are pretty much limitless - so make several pairs!

To assemble:

Hold the rivoli in the bead frame - with the edge of the stone inside the channel, and gently squeeze the frame shut at the base of the loop. Micro-tip pliers or needle-nose pliers work. If you have a pair of DULL cutters that will not cut metal any more - those are also ideal for getting in close and squeezing the link shut.

I found the little link with the chaton in it to be a tighter fit. I had to open it a little to get the stone in, and it doesn't close up quite as much. But trust me, it is still secure and no one will notice. If 
they are that close to you - they don't care about your earrings! Join the links with small jumprings, and add the earwires.

Easy peasy!



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