Sunday, March 27, 2016

InspirationFX: Bringing Spring Home

Bringing Spring Home
by: Rochelle Kilmer

With the last few days being cold, rainy and icy, I haven't been in the brightest of spirits. I was upset with Mother Nature for giving me a warm taste of Spring, then to turn around and take it back so suddenly. I am already missing the warm rays of sunshine licking at my face, rubber boots squelching in the mud as the earth begins to thaw. What happened to make Mother Nature so angry to start spewing cold winds and icy droplets? I may not be able to find the answer, but I wish to present this necklace as a peace offering and to let Spring come home! Do you want to help by making one too? 


1)   Cut approximately 1 foot of Softflex. Crimp one end by flattening the crimp with chain nose or flat nose pliers. String on about 5 size 11/0's. I used a few from my stash of beads in a colour that matched my design. I did this to avoid the tumbled nuggets from bumping the donuts, when they are attached to the ring part of the toggle clasp. String on a heishi spacer, or else the larger holes in the nuggets will eat your seedbeads. Continue stringing with a tumbled nugget, alternating with the spacer, making sure to end with a spacer and 5 more 11/0's. I used a total of 22 nuggets and 23 heishi spacers. Crimp the other end and this strand is complete.
2)   Attach one end of the strand with a jumpring to the flower ring part of the toggle. Make sure to place your nosy posy link with the single spoke pointing up. Attach the other end of the strand to the bottom outside spoke on the link.
3)   Cut another piece of Softflex and crimp one end. Place a donut, 1 heishi spacer, donut, 2 heishi spacers, donut, repeat. I used a total of 21 donuts and 30 heishi spacers. Crimp the stand closed. Attach one end to the flower ring part of the toggle and the other end to the bottom inside spoke of the nosy posy link. Almost done!!
4)   Cut your chain into 2- 1foot pieces. Take 1piece of chain and using jumprings attach one end to the bar part of the toggle and the other to the empty spoke on the nosy posy link.
5)   Using the other piece of chain, count 27 links and cut off the remainder. Attach one end of this piece to the flower ring part of the toggle and the other end to the same spoke as the tumbled nugget strand.

All done for Mother Nature! I think we might have softened her up a bit. I felt a little tickle from the sun while I was out for a walk this weekend. Maybe with the leftover materials we can make her a matching set to really let the thaw out and bring Spring home!! 



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