Thursday, October 29, 2015

Treasure Hunt, Hemp, and Rats

It must be Halloween! First up - zombies broke in and ate somebody's brains - because now, suddenly we have a whole whack of items that are 50% off! ("whole whack" = 1100+). But - they are scattered all over the web site so you have to go looking for them! It's a Treasure Hunt. A Halloween-50%-off-Treasure-Hunt! Sort of a black-and-orange Friday! Of course - we have over 25,000 active items - so you are going to have to do some looking. Hint - search for the word manager ... . ;-)

74401010-02 Stringing - .5 mm Hemp Cord - Basic Colours (Card)I don't know what said "manager" was doing - maybe they were smokin' something - but it wasn't this new Hemp cord. We rolled this out for the Creativ Festival, and now we have it online - so you can get more! You get over 40 feet of each of four colours - so you can knot, weave, tie, kumi and braid to your heart's content!

Rats! It must be Halloween - Zombies and Rats! We've had the 75521673-24 Rattail Cord - 3 mm Satin Fat Rattail Cord - Aqua Blue (10 yard bobbin)Satin Rattail, in multiple sizes, for some time - but we've re-packaged it so that now it comes on those awesome re-usable Kumihimo bobbins. Stays cleaner and neater and you have the bobbin afterwards too! How great is that? We have the 1.5 mm Mousetail, the traditional 2 mm Rattail, and the larger, luxurious 3 mm Fat Rattail.

Tassels74509835 Tools -  Tassel Maker - Adjustable (1) are hot - and you can make your own! Wind, tie and snip and you will be tasseling the world.
But in case you want your tassels ready-to-go - we have Faux Suede Tassels - in a variety of colours? Earrings? 75727607-07 Accessories -  Faux Suede Tassel - Turquoise (Pack 4)Fun, flippy bracelets? Home decor - curtains and lamps?

And, if learning to Solder s47247 Magazine - Jewelry Artist Special -  How To - Solder JewelryJewelry was on your list of things to do this year - then you might be interested in this - a magazine format guide to soldering - technique guide and skill-building projects. Take the plunge!

Check out all the new items here, or click on a link or image and hop directly to that item! Go forth and Bead Happy!

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