Monday, October 05, 2015

InspirationFX: Orbitting Glitter Bracelet

Orbitting Glitter Bracelet
by: Pam Kearns

The new Silver silk Galaxy wire mesh is really quite amazing. This 
little piece was left over from the necklace used in a previous 
inspiration and wanted to be bracelet (yes, they talk - you know what I 
mean!). Because the construction of the wire mesh is like Viking Knit, 
you can pull it through a drawplate to narrow it down which also 
lengthens it. You can also re-widen the mesh by using a knitting needle 
pushed in from the end. I used both of these techniques in this bracelet.

1. The starting length of the Silver silk Galaxy piece was 6 1/4". Pull 
the mesh through a drawplate to narrow it down and lengthen it. If you 
don't have a drawplate, carefully run it through a cloth in your hands 
to evenly narrow it.

2. Squish down one end of the mesh so that you can begin to get it 
through the pave bead; using roundnose pliers was helpful to pull the 
mesh through the bead. Centre the bead on the mesh.

3. Push a knitting needle down the centre of the mesh to reopen it a 
little to 'puff' it up on either side of the bead; this will help it 
stay in place.

4. Remeasure the mesh and trim if required.

5. Squish only the very ends of the mesh to fit inside the end caps. 
Place a little bit of the E6000 on the ends of the mesh, insert into the 
end caps and squeeze closed with nylon jaw pliers. Allow to dry.

6. Attach the clasp to the ends with your jumprings.

That's it!



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