Sunday, October 18, 2015

InspirationFX: Scarabaeus Flash

Scarabaeus Flash
by: Anne Marie Desaulniers

I fell in love with the new Swarovski pearls, as soon as I spotted them on Lee’s neck!  As a rabid collector of shiny objects, I felt that I was justified in buying them. Besides, I was working the Swarovski Launch, so needed something sparkly to wear.  After all, I didn’t want to letdown my peeps!

My style is to work intuitively, so once I settled on the shape of the pearls, my muse led me the rest of the way, adding rivolis, wire, spacers and chain, to the mix. My intent, is to wear this necklace with both jeans and fancy clothes,but probably mostly with jeans, as that suits my lifestyle! 

There’s nothing fancy, in my design process.  I made a decision to use wrapped loops (on both ends), then set about making a whole bunch of them,while watching mindless TV.  After a little musing, and a few snacks, I settled on the following component sets:

Rivoli sets (held in place, with a drop of Super New Glue):
3 –       Grooved Rivoli Link/Rivoli

Wrapped loop sets:
9 –       Bicone/Rope Twist Spacer/Baroque Pearl/Rope Twist Spacer/Bicones
10 –     Bicone/Rope Twist Spacer/Coin Pearl/Rope Twist Spacer/Bicone

Rolo Chain:
5 –       Random lengths (2 ¼”, 1 ¼”, 1”, ¾”, 1 ½ “)

Now what did I do?  I set about arranging and re-arranging the pieces, until I had an arrangement that pleased my eye.  I wanted asymmetrical, so started by joining the three rivolis sets, and then just played with the rest.  The components were joined together, with split rings, for movement and security. Split Ring pliers (S23234) really helped with the process! Of course,you could also choose to use jump rings….

Many of you, already know how to make wrapped loops, but if not, check out our “Tips and Techniques” page, or toddle off to Pam’s, “Jewelery 101” class.  You might also spot me, on Wednesday evenings, at the “Open Bead Night”, or even some Thursday’s at “Bead Tea” (if I’m not working).  For the right incentive (bwaa haa haaaaa), I might even be persuaded to demonstrate!
My Scarabaeus Flash Necklace ended up being a total of 20” long.  Yours could be shorter!  Make it to fit your body type, add a clasp if you want to, and just enjoy the process! I confess that I used up all of the Coin Pearls and Rivolis, but still have stash enhancing leftovers. As always, I have more ideas!



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