Thursday, July 02, 2015

It takes Two to Tango in Leather and Lace

27888100-16 Shaped Beads - 2 hole Tango - Pastel Bordeaux
Ole! It's a lover's triangle - or a triangle for two-hole bead lovers. 27888100-10 Shaped Beads - 2 hole Tango - Light RoseDance the tango but not the tangle with two-hole tango triangles.

If you are going to tango, or tangle, you probably want something lacy to wear. Or maybe you don't, you are feeling stony instead. You can answer both of those feelings with this s45193 Stone Beads - 12 mm Coin - White Lace Red Jasper (strand)White Lace Jasper.
s45197 Stone Beads - 30 x 40 mm Oval - White Lace Red Jasper (1)

Listen - I didn't make that name up (I make up lots of names for colours, but not that one.) And I personally don't see the "lace" or even the "white." To me, this is more about the fiery colours of a sunset and creamy clouds or maybe desert scenes painted than "white lace." But who am I to quibble? Just the person with taste, apparently! Anyway - I'm sure that you are also creative enough to see your own landscapes and visions in this stone.

Lace and Leather make a interesting contrast - lots of dynamic tension. Lace is delicate and frilly and girly and dainty, and s45224 Leather - 2 x 10 inch Leather Strip - Cardinal Red (1)leather is tough and strong and aggressive - so the two together are a study in contrasts - and contrasts make for interesting designs.

And so here we have some new leather - 2 inch wide strips X 10 inches s45226 Leather - 2 x 10 inch Leather Strip - Berry Sparkle (1)long - so perfect for bracelets. This is a nice soft leather - mmm - I love leather - in some great classic colours and a couple of innovative and funky finishes like Berry Sparkle and Silver Spackle.

s45518 Leather - 5 mm Studded Flat Suede - Cactus Fuchsia (Inch)And speaking of contrast and dynamic tension - Pink leather with studs! There's your punk princess look!

To go with the leather - we have some new leather findings s45533 Findings - Leather -  Nautilus - Screw / Nut Set - Antiqued Silver (2)too, like these nut sets. Punch a hole in the leather (leather punch), pop the screw in from the back, and screw on the decorative do-dad on the front. Nautilus, Jasmine, (the flower, s45536 Findings - Leather -  Sea Turtle - Screw / Nut Set - Antiqued Silver (2)not the Disney princess), a totally awesome Sea Turtle, a starfish (yay starfish!), or back to the punky-look with the industrial Hex Nut.

s45529 Findings - 5 mm Flat Leather -  Wishbone Clasp - Antiqued Brass (1)Also new in leather clasps - the wishbone clasp. This fits 5 mm flat leather. Cut the leather to twice the length you need to go around your wrist, and glue each end into the legs of the "wishbone." The loop forms the clasp and hooks over the knob of the wishbone. You can dress it up by adding a slider bead (for the 10 mm leather - put both ends of the leather through; do that before gluing into the clasp!) that hold the loop tighter if you wish.

s45685 Magazine - Beadwork Presents -  Beaded Bracelets - Special Issue - 2015s45699 Book - Bead and Button Books -  Creative Beading - Vol 10If you are looking for some help in exploring all these new shaped bead options, don't forget to check out the magazines and books for techniques and patterns!

So click on a link or image above, or check out all the new stuff here!

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