Sunday, May 03, 2015

InspirationFX: What to Wear in my Blue Bel Air


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What to Wear in my Blue Bel Air

by: Lee Metsalo

Damned if I can locate it again, but this was inspired by picture of a 50’s turquoise  Bel Air, the colours, the lines in the upholstery.  The car is bigger than two of my kitchen, but I digress….
I haven’t done square stitch in a long time, and decided this would be the piece to try it with.  The bezel settings lend themselves to many mediums: I decided to try it with beads.  I stitched my piece together and finished the threads off.  Test fit your piece to the setting, make sure you can fit it in properly before applying the glue.  Put an even, not too thick layer of glue in the bezel setting.  Curve your beaded piece a little bit so the centre is higher than the edges.  Fit the edges in, line them up, then press the little hump down in the middle so it squishes in that way.  No curved up edges.  Let the glue dry, and then add the small eyepinned links and add your clasp  Do you have the turquoise poodle skirt to go with it?
Tools used: Needles,E6000, two pair flat pliers, cutters



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