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Sunday, May 31, 2015

InspirationFX: Golden Pearls and Swirls


Get your creative juices flowing

Golden Pearls and Swirls

by: Lee Metsalo

The beads that inspired this are the Uber Curly Pig Tails.  Isn’t there a myth about a golden pig somewhere?  These curly beads got dressed up to go out today.  They add texture to a necklace, and are a lot of fun!
This is a simple stringing project.  I started out with 30” of Softflex, as I didn’t really know how long the finished necklace would be with the swirly pig tails.  As shown here, it is almost 24” long.  I won’t lie and say the Softflex behaved nicely while going through the Pig Tail beads at first, but I figured out the trick.  The Softflex will go through the bead without issue, but caught up on the edge while exiting the other side.  Use a pin to lift the Softflex over the edge, and everything continues to move smoothly.  Easy peasy!



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