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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cheerios! 15/0s! Prometheus!

s44722 Glass Rings - 10 mm Cheerios - Crystal AB (25)
Cheerios! The beadfest of beaders! Guaranteed not to go soggy in milk! For years we carried lovely glass rings that we dubbed Cheerios - and they were a big hit with the chain-mailers - because adding these into the chainmail designs gives you a lovely effect! They are great for linking in general, dangly bits and linking beaded beads and other beadweaving elements.

s44720 Glass Rings - 10 mm Cheerios - Chrysolite Vitrail (25)Unfortunately - our supply dried up, and it took us a while to find a new source. Imagine our delight when this Spring in Tucson, we were talking to a supplier about something else entirely when our eyes fell on a sample card with ... lo! Cheerios!

So we are pleased to re-introduce Cheerios - in 37 colours this time! Some of these have finishes that are on one side, making them functionally a reversible bead, a different colour from one side to the other!

tb15rpf569 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Toho Seedbeads - Galvanized Turquoise [Permanent Finish] tb15rpf567 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Toho Seedbeads - Galvanized Purple [Permanent Finish] For those of you jonesing for the next challenge in seed bead weaving - you know who you are - you've been pleading for more choices in the size 15/0s - and here are - 55 new colours of Miyuki 15/0s.

s44950 Metal Clay -  Prometheus - Bronze Clay (50 grams)
Also new to us this week is Prometheus Metal Clay. We're quite excited about this new(ish) metal clay and think that it is a nice entry point for folks who are interested in what is still a relatively new way to work. If you haven't heard of Metal Clay - it is a metal powder, ground extremely fine, and mixed into an organic binder, to produce something that looks and feels like clay - pottery type clay. It works very much like clay, you can cut it with a knife, roll it in your hands, make it softer by getting it wet, or let it dry and carve and sand it.
s44955 Metal Clay -  Prometheus - Copper Clay (100 grams)The difference is that when you have your piece in the shape you want, you fire it and the binder burns away, and the metal powder "sinters" together - forming a solid metal finished piece.

Or, to be more succinct - it works like clay and finishes like metal!

If you are familiar with metal clay - Prometheus is a pre-mixed clay, is very dense (it is optimized for carvers, actually), stronger than most in the greenware stage, has a longer open time (doesn't dry out while you are looking for the tool you swore you just had), can be torch fired, kiln-fired (30 mins firing time), and has a very attractive price point.

It comes in Copper and Bronze, and in syringe form as well as clay.

s44958 Tools -  Syringe Pen - for Metal Clay (1)Oh, if you use Syringes for ANY clay - you need this - the syringe pen. Pop your syringe into this, squeeze the handle and it extrudes a steady stream of clay, without the hand-cramping agony and thick-thin lines of using the syringe by hand. Now drawing lines with the syringe is not something you need 15 years of experience and hands the size of hams to pull off!

So jump into the great new stuff here, or click on a link or image above! Bead on!

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