Monday, January 12, 2015

InspirationFX: A Bevy of Bracelets


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A Bevy of Bracelets
by: Rosemary Beasley

I made these bracelets to show several different ways you can finish off leather ends, by using different types of crimps, making loops or knotting the leather, all easy to do!

  1. Pick a Rivoli
  2. Pick a Rivoli Mount - Link style with a loop on either side, in a size to fit the Rivoli you picked, and a colour you like.
  3. Glue the rivoli in place
  4. Select 1.5 mm leather in a colour that either matches or contrasts with your rivoli.
    You will need 30-40 cm, depending on how large you want to make it. Cut the piece into 2 equal pieces.
  5. Fold each piece in half, thread through the loop on the rivoli mount, and add the "slider" bead. Pick sliders to match or contrast, as you prefer.
  6. Pick crimps for the end, and attach.
  7. Show off!



Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!
Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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