Sunday, January 25, 2015

InspirationFX: Be-Leaf


Get your creative juices flowing

by: Rae Huggins
I be-leaf in spring, I be-leaf in spring - oh, please - let it be spring soon!

In the mean time - here is a springy little number, inspired by these metal components. I thought that linking the three dangles together would be just a little bit more interesting than just having three separate dangles. That's why I doubled up the jumprings too - for a bit more variety.

The two pieces of leather are a bit of a tight fit in the tube, it helps to get one through as a start, and then stuff the other one in and drag it through with the first one.

I think the leafy crimp is a nice touch too, to match the leaf theme of the dangles. It always looks so coordinated when you can carry the theme through to the findings!




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