Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Tiny Flat - Overlooking a Twisted Square

s43428 Shaped Glass - 3 x 5 mm Tiny Flats - Miami Coral (20 grams)It was a tiny flat, only 3 x 5, and although it was painted a cheery s10884 Flat Cut Tablet - 9 x 12 mm Beveled Oval - Coffee House (1)Miami Coral, the dense Grey Fog had taken the shimmer out of her Dark Sapphire eyes.

Kelly Green watched a Beetle Back crawl up the wall, and idly munched on some Party Mix. She thought of going out to the Coffee House, but it just seemed too much for her her Beveled Flat Heart.

Suddenly she heard the voice of the Old Coppers43425 Flat Cut Tablet - 16 mm Beveled Flat Heart - Aqua (1) in the Twisted Square, outside hers43455 Charm/Pendant - Delicate Dragonfly - Sterling Silver (1) window. "Shark, Shark," he called, and she heard the clip-clop of hooves - a sound that had not rung on the cobblestones for years! She ran to the window, and saw a Mint Unicorn dancing across the square. She stared in wonder, as a Delicate Dragonfly swooped down over the square and dropped a load of Wild Limes. With a roar and a splash and a gurgle, Seafoam Givre AB poured into the square, washing away the grey. She could see a Mermaid splashing in the water, carrying aloft two glasses and a bottle of Champagne AB.

The water rose higher and higher in the square, and she could hear the patter of dog paws from the apartment above, and then a splash, and then an owl swooshed down to land on a limb that was now growing out the side of her building. s43452 Charm/Pendant - Dog Paw Prints - Sterling Silver (1)"Come," said the owl, in a surprisingly high-pitched voice. The owl stared at her with glowing eyes that looked more like Cat's Eyes. By now, the water had come up to the window sill. The mermaid, who did not look the slightest bit distressed,  swam over and rested on the sill. "Have you seen the Sandman," she asked? Kelly shook her head, "No," - unable to find any words. "Oh," said the mermaid, disappointed, and she grew parrot wings and flew away, a little lopsidedly, as one was bigger than the other. She had left a glass of Champagne on the window sill, however, and Kelly reached for it, and took a sip.

Just as she did, there was a loud knocking at her front door. She turned to answer it, and standing in the doorway was a tall, shadowy figure. "Aha," said the tall man, "I am the Sandman, was there just a mermaid here for me?" "Why, yes," Kelly squeaked in surprise, "But she just flew away." "Oh dear," said the Sandman, clearly disappointed. "What is this," Kelly asked, gesturing to the Silver Lined Aqua that was lapping at her third floor windowsill. Is this a flood?" "A flood!" cried the Sandman, "Mais non, not at all. This is only a Spring Leek." And he ran to the window, his footsteps making a loud pounding noise as he ran. Dimly, she heard him call as he dove through the window and into the Emeraud et Sapphos sea that lapped at her window, "Miss, Miss! It's Building Maintenance! s43411 Flat Cut Tablet - 8 x 12 mm Rectangle - Sandman (1)You called about the broken pipes ... . "

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Connie MacDonald said...

That was a great story I couldn't stop reading it I had to find out what was going to happen although I thought it would have a happier ending.

marymc202 said...

Love your sense of humor and how you wove the names of new beads and charms into a story. So clever! Can only begin to imagine how wonderful your store and pieces you make can be since you are so creative with words, too! Thanks for sharing a fun story with such a clever twist-really enjoyed it.