Monday, August 11, 2014

InspirationFX: Just Around the Curve


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Just Around the Curve
by: Lee Metsalo
Curved noodle beads are meant to go around your wrist, but what do you put with them?  In this case, carnelian, which lends an ethnic look to the piece.  Switch the carnelian to turquoise, then it looks like something Arizona/Texas/Mexican.  Lava beads, Icelandic.  This bracelet can look masculine or feminine depending on the beads chosen.

The beauty of these noodles is that they lend themselves to making a bracelet for your larger-wristed friends – the piece shown measures just over 8-1/4 inches.  To make it even larger, add more beads between the noodles.  This is a simple stringing project that, because of the length of the noodles, strings up quickly – you’ll have a bracelet in no time flat!

Tools used:  cutters, flat pliers, crimp pliers



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