Thursday, January 09, 2014

The March of the Seedbeads and Good Riddance to 2013

mb11-0191 Japanese Seedbeads - 11/0 Miyuki Seedbeads - 24kt Gold Plated (2.5 grams)Good Riddance to 2013 - as I sit here and type this all again - having just had a power failure and having not been able to replace the UPS for my computer - due to Toronto being pretty much closed for the last two weeks! The ice storm of 2013 hit us hard - closed the store early for the holidays - good thing beads don't go bad without power! Actually beads never go bad - you can always count on your beads. Literally, as it happens. ;-)

Most of our staff were without power for at least a day or two - and in the epic case of yours truly - seven days. I have some stories - I can tell you. But as we've heard from friends around the continent - no one got off lightly - from minus 40 in Winterpig to waist-high snow drifts - it was 2013 going out mb11-0342 Japanese Seedbeads - 11/0 Miyuki Seedbeads - Berry Lined Light Topaz ABwith a bang. Much like my power. (Save)

So let's think happier thoughts and move on to 2014 - and we'll start with the march of the seedbeads! Cue the music from the Sorcerer's Apprentice - lumpty lumpty lumptey lump ... .

Marching your way is installment two of the Miyuki 11/0 seedbeads - lovely tidy rainbows of happy little seedbeads, all waiting for your beady needles to pull them into nice, cohesive designs. Unlike the messy, untidy world out there. Boo hiss. All hail the mighty seedbead!

s38290 Stamped Metal Components -  Running Mustang - Rusted Iron (1)If you aren't feeling traumatized by the winter so far (What, me traumatized? Whatever gave you that idea?) and would like to try something more rustic, and with a little western flair, check out these Rustic and rusty iron pendants. Galloping Mustangs, Trotting Thoroughbreds, and Star Goddesses.

So - as always - you can click on a link or image above, or get started with the new items here. Happy Beading!

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