Thursday, January 23, 2014

New at BeadFX: Stone Cold Killer Designs

s38329 Stone Beads - 8 x 12 mm Skull - Pyrite (1)
Cold enough for you? While some of you may be languishing in warmer climes, here, it is about -300. Again. You know, once it gets into negative double digits, we really no longer care if it is courtesy of Mr. Celsius or Mr. Fahrenheit - it's just b----- cold.

So, icky weather means a fine day to stay inside and make some jewelry. You can use your head to get a head, bone up on your techniques, or engage in some skull-duggery. These pyrite skulls, or, if you prefer, Matte Onyx skulls, can get you thinking of Mexican Folk Art and from there - it's sun, fiestas and margaritas all the way.

If you are thinking about stone beads and maybe something like a bracelet s38326 Stone Beads - 8 mm Round (2 mm Hole) - Dog Tooth Amethyst (1)with stone beads and leather cord - we just got a selection of stone beads with 2 mm holes. While this is not a big enough hole for putting on one of those Euro-style charm bracelets - it is big enough for a 2 s38340 Stone Beads - 10 x 14 mm Barrel Tube (2 mm Hole) - Lapis Lazuli (1)mm leather cord. The holes are actually about 2.3 mm - but that just looks odd in the description - so suffice it to say - they do go onto 2 mm leather!

s38357 Stone Beads - 13 x 18 mm Oval - New Burma Jade (strand)We also got a nice selection of New Jade from Burma. New Jade is the trade name for Serpentine - a translucent stone that is still tough and durable like Jade. This is a translucent pale green with the smaller beads being so pale as to be almost white. The bigger shapes show nice colour, however. I personally prefer more intensity of colour - but I freely admit that not everyone shares my tastes, and a good thing too, as we'd all be competing for the same stuff!

s38348 Stone Beads - 6 mm Rondelle - Rose Quartz (strand)s38349 Stone Beads - 15 mm Puff Coin - Rutilated Quartz (1)Other new items in the stone bead department too - such as Rose Quartz Rondelles, and Rutilated Quartz. You know, I can't think of "Rutilated Quartz" without thinking of Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London. "Little old lady got rutilated late last night, Werewolves of London again" ... and that's your earworm for the day. You're welcome.

Oh, and in the theme of a translucent stone with inclusions, like the rutilated quartz, s38345 Stone Beads - 8 x 10 mm Tumbled Nugget - Prehnite (strand)but with a bit more of a colour hit than the Burma New Jade, we have some Prehnite - which is a more yellowy-green but still has the graphic black inclusions.

s38528 Design Tools - 6 x 11 inches Bead on it Board - Synthetic Velvet (1)
As I predicted - the Bead-on-it boards have been flying out the door. We did get in new small ones with the synthetic velvet surface, (we didn't get those in the last shipment) - so if that will work for you - you have that option now. I have to say - they really are a lovely surface to work on. Sorry - no colour selection - you get what you get - much like when they come to us.

As always - you can click on a link or image above, or get started with the new items here. Happy Hunting! Remember to stay warm! Shop online!

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