Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Getting to know...Liz Reynolds

Liz Reynolds is a devotee of Hadar's Clay and she has been busy introducing this powdered metal clay to lots of students.

A creative person by nature, Liz began early adding personal touches to many things. "I’ve tended to largely focus on one medium at a time," says Liz. "When I was much younger I really liked sewing and sewed a lot of my own clothes. I then moved into pottery and for the better part of a decade, I made my living (such as it was) from pottery. Later I learned how to knit, but it was pretty basic. But, when I worked in textiles at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), I was taught the European method and my knitting really took off and expanded into spinning and weaving. I got into beading through a lucky accident, and when I discovered metal clay, well…..there was no looking back!

Like most people, Liz started learning about metal clay through classes. "I started with local teachers at Beadfx, she explains,"then as Beadfx brought in international teachers, I was exposed to a wider variety of clays and techniques. I continue to take online classes with some well known international instructors to expand my repertoire.  I am currently nearing completion of a teaching accreditation program with Hadar Jacobson."
Liz's inspiration comes from many sources. "There is just so much - pattern, texture, colour, other artists, ethnic and cultural design and pattern…on and on," she says. "I generally have an idea of what I want to create, but I try not to be too fixed about it and to allow it to change and develop as I proceed. This often produces a better result."

Liz continues, "I have a large envelope taped to the side of my desk and will drop in photos or drawings of elements that I might want to explore. I also have a computer file where I deposit ideas/inspiration that I see online."

What does Liz love about teaching? "Seeing students eyes light up when they grasp a concept and their delight with their finished creations," she replies enthusiastically. "M least favourite part is cleaning up after a class…as evidenced by the state of my own studio!"

Liz's advice to others who create? "Don’t stop…..ever! Creativity is inexhaustible."

Upcoming classes with Liz Reynolds:

Sunday, February 9
Sunday, April 13 
Sunday, June 8 
Sunday, August 17
Getting Started with Hadar's Clay (single day classes) 
12:00 - 4:00pm

Saturday, January 18
(10:00 - 5:00pm)

Inlay & Onlay in Metal Clay
(1 day class)

Saturday, March 22
(10:00am - 5:00pm)

& Sunday, March 23
(11:00am - 4:00pm

Hollow Forms in Metal Clay
(2 day class)


Saturday, May 24 (10:00am - 5:00pm)
& Sunday, May 25 (11:0am - 4:00pm)
Micro Mosaic in Metal Clay (2 day class)

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