Sunday, January 19, 2014

InspirationFX: Jet Set

Get your creative juices flowing

Jet Set
by: Lee Metsalo
Glamorous Amber and Jet - a fabulous combination for looking oh-so-chic and "polished and put-together."

The two strands are connected by linking into a single bead with a loop on each side, which is then connected to the clasp. This makes for a nice, compact clasp area without the bulk of a lot of strands. (See photos with pink arrows.)

Each strand is strung with the beads in a slightly different order - with a centered bead in the longer strand, and offset beads in the shorter strand. The shorter strand is 16 inches, the longer one is 18 inches. Black seedbeads are used as spacers to keep the design light and airy. Choose your own order for the beads, alternating dark and light beads for contrast!

The extraordinary selection of beads in this necklace is what gives it such appeal and visual interest!



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