Monday, August 05, 2013

Inspiration Monday: Neon-ista

Get your creative juices flowing

by: Rochelle Kilmer
Walking around the malls and seeing what is in fashion got me to thinking about all the neon colours. I am not a person to wear a neon shirt or pants and I thought having a stunning piece of jewellery with the neon daggers would be fashionable. This is the piece I camp up with using the neon daggers and brushed metal tubes.

  1. Make the tubes: Put the tube on an eye pin and make a loop on the other end.
  2. Add the daggers to the triangle bails, and close up the gaps.
  3. Attached the daggers to the tubes using the loop. Do 26, and 4 with large daggers.
  4. Attache 3 tubes together using the 3.5 mm jump rings, and on the last tube, use the ones with the large daggers. Make 6 with just the small daggers on the end.
  5. Make 10 two-tube assemblies, with a small dagger on the end.
    That should leave you with 10 single tubes with a small dagger attached.
  6. Cut 17 inches of chain.
  7. Attached all the tubes to the chain starting at one end, and using this pattern:
    5 x 1 tube
    5 x 2 tubes
    3 x 3 tubes small dagger
    4 x 3 tubes large dagger, then repeat backwards, like so:
    3 x 3 tubes small dagger
    5 x 2 tubes
    5 x 1 tube
  8. Attach the lobster claw and a large jumpring to the chain as your closure.



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Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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