Monday, August 12, 2013

Inspiration Monday: Fairy Kiss

Get your creative juices flowing

Fairy Kiss
by: Dwyn Tomlinson
I have to admit - I just flat out stole this idea from a young friend with rockin' taste.

This fairy light hair ornament looks like an earring from a distance, but actually clips into your hair with a small comb - which means that you can wear it large and with no weight on your ear lobe at all - and means you can still load up with earrings too if you want!

The basic idea is a small comb or hair clip, a long tether, and the dangle at the end.

  1. Make 3 feather dangles by putting 2-3 feathers in a feather crimp, and closing the crimp and securing.
  2. Using a jumprings, hang each feather dangle, 1, 2, 3 from each other - making a short chain of 3 links.
  3. Take a piece of about 2 feet long. Thread a dagger to the center, and twist to secure and make a short stem. Add another dagger on one side of the wire, placing it about 2 inches out from the twisted wire section, and twist until the wire twists up into a stem for the second dagger. Do the same on the other leg of the wire. Repeat again on each side, until you have a cluster of 5 daggers, each with nice twisted wire stems. Make a wrapped loop with the doubled wire and trim.
  4. Using a crimp, make a loop in the end of the softflex, add the dagger cluster and the feather dangle chain, and secure the loop with the crimp.
  5. Punch a hole in the comb and thread on the softflex and add a crimp. Check for length, and secure the crimp. The softflex dangle can be 4 - 8 inches - depending on your preference. 
To wear, slip the comb into your hair behind and above your ear. Many thanks to Vanessa for modelling this for you!



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