Thursday, August 01, 2013

a tale of Embezelment ...

s36920 Beading Supplies - 4.25 x 5.5 inches Beading Foundation - Black (1)Embezel this! That's the theme of this week's update - a torrid tale of wide-collar crime. That's wearing a wide-collar without a long dangly necklace.

We're going to start with a solid foundation - Beading Foundation that is. A solid black non-woven, non-fraying, slide the needle through easily, glue-onto foundation. You are going to need it - we've got some cab-o-catching-up to do.

s36833 Ceramic Cabochon - Small Round Zen Moon Face - White (1)Can't face another day at work? Never mind - Civic Holiday is coming s36839 Ceramic Cabochon -  Buddha Face - Off White (1)up, and that's going to have you feeling all Zen and Budda-like.
s36810 Button - 40 mm 6-Wedge Circle - Volcano Bronze (1)But wait - I'm going to push your s36801 Button - 23 mm Jellicle Cat - Gold / Jet (1)buttons. Big buttons, baby.
s36796 Button - 40 mm Embossed Dragonfly - Blue Iris (1)Like a cat stalking a dragonfly, you can hunt down the perfect button.

s36832 Metal Buttons - 11 mm Four Winds - Antiqued Silver (1)s36831 Metal Buttons - 15 mm Quilled Trillium - Antiqued Silver (1)Or, if you are feeling your metal - you can throw caution to the Four Winds, and buttonhole some Italian Metal Buttons. These are-a buttons you can not refuse.

tb1b22b Japanese Seedbeads - #1 Toho Bugles - Silver Lined Medium GoldWell - I guess I'm about done bugling about this week's new stuff. In short - we have new cabochons, glass buttons, metal buttons and foundation material to set you up for a lifetime of embellishing bezels.

For those of us with a "Civic Holiday" to look forward to - have fun and stay safe. (The store will be closed - the online store never sleeps.) And if you don't have a completely artificial but utterly welcome vacation day to look forward to - just remember to always have fun and play with your beads!

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