Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Amazon Women on the Moon, Magnetic Spheres, and Fili-greedy

s36949 Stone Beads - Faceted Trapezoid w 4 mm Rounds - Amazonite (strand)
I always thought Amazon Women on the Moon was the worst movie ever - but now that I've been subjected to "Sharknado" - it pales in comparison. Dear gawd, 12 year-olds with cell phones could have done better. Instead of watching bad, bad, bad movies, bead up some Amazonite - much more satisfying. You'll be over the moon for this pale blue green stone.

s36927 Stone Beads - 10 mm Round - Noreena Jasper (1)Also new this week, in the stone department, Noreena Jasper. This is another ancient stone from the oldest part of the world. Found exclusively in just one place in Australia - this brick brown and beige stone is glossy and has interesting angular patterns.

s36955 Swarovski Filigree Beads - 13 mm Round - Purple Velvet / Zircon / Antique Gold (1)
We have a word for people who are so enchanted with these lovely two-colour filigree beads - we call them fili-greedy. But fear not - it's not a bad thing! We mean it in the nicest possible way - and to prove it, we just added 6 new colours - from the icy White Opal / Moonlight / Antique Silver to the playful Purple Velvet / Zircon / Antique Gold.
s36961 Findings - Box Clasp w Rhinestones - 13 mm Filigree Clasp with Stones - Pacific Opal / White Opal / Antique Gold (1)And if the style of these appeals to you - you might want to also look at these clasps. These clasps are constructed to look like a bead - completely hiding their utilitarian function. I'm a big fan of these as they used by the high-end jewelry companies for their better pieces. To me - having the clasp be part of the design elevates your work from the everyday.
s36967 Clasp - Magnetic - 12 mm Smooth Sphere - White Pearl (1)And on the topic of cool clasps - these magnetic spheres are definitely fun! In gold, silver, copper, black and white pearl. They are a pretty strong magnet, inside a coloured sphere. Sliding them sideways to open is your best bet - it is a STRONG magnet. Of course - as with any other magnetic clasp - do not use if you have a pacemaker - as the presence of the magnet may cause the pacemaker to go into diagnostic mode or otherwise behave erratically.
s35165 Tools - Wubbers Designer Mandrel Pliers - Large Square (1)Wouldn't it be Wubberly of us to offer more of the Wubbers Square Mandrel pliers? Why, yes! Yes it would and that's just what we have done. We got a bit confused and now we have four different sizes, having just added the Large and Jumbo. Turns out what we had that we thought was Large was actually Medium. But hey - more choices for you - so it's all good.

s36971 Para Wire - 14 gauge Round Wire - Non-Tarnish Silver (10 feet)You'll need some wire with that - and we've added the Parawire non-tarnish silver to our other Para Wire brand wire.
And, last but not least - no - wait a minute. These are the least - or the smallest of this week's update anywaytb15r82 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Toho Seedbeads - Metallic Nebula - size 15/0 Toho seedbeads.

So, click on a link above or just go 'sploring! Remember - always have fun and play with your beads!

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