Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Inspiration - Ivory & Sticks Bracelet

by: Rae Huggins

Rae says about this bracelet:

Oh I just love these two together – I can visualize myself stepping out with this bracelet and a simple pair of earrings (that I’m in the process of designing). Where am I going? Well I haven’t decided yet, but wherever it is I’m gonna have a grand time!!!!

You too can come on this journey by using basic stringing. Initially I was just going to use the ivory pearls and the sticks to make a single strand bracelet, but it felt incomplete. I also loved the look of the Crystal AB Firepolish with the sticks, so two strands – one bracelet. Or you can make two separate bracelets and when you’re done we’ll step out in Ivory & Sticks.


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