Thursday, May 02, 2013

Meet The Professor of Crystal!

Make sure not to miss the premiere of the newly released CYS online series starring the unrivaled Nick Regine as “THE PROFESSOR OF CRYSTAL”!

The Professor of Crystal video series is suitable for everyone passionate about SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and Do It Yourself.

In each video The Professor gives expert instruction that makes it possible for every Do It Yourself crystal adicionado to achieve their own vision with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The videos feature a range of topics including gluing, epoxy clay, hot fixing, soldering, mechanical application, basic jewelry making, felting and much more.

Nick Regine, aka, The Professor of Crystal, has been with Swarovski for 29 years. Currently, as the Swarovski Elements Product Application Manager, Nick works with designers & manufacters ensuring they are familiar with the diverse application possibilities of Swarovski Elements to make just about anything sparkle!

It was a one of the designers who gave him the alias, The Professor of Crystal, because of his vast knowledge of Swarovski Elements and how to incorporate them into everything from jewelry to clothing to electronics, even on motorcycles and automobiles! Nick began his career at Swarovski in jewelry manufacturing, where he learned everything there is to know about crystal stones, gluing, soldering, mold making, and plating.

He later became involved in new product development before joining the Swarovski Elements team as Product Application Manager. Nick travels the globe teaching seminars, workshops and demonstrations to designers and manufacturers in a variety of industries, from infamous designers to the do-it-yourself artist.

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