Monday, May 20, 2013

Inspiration Monday: She Sells Seashells - Charm Bracelet

by: Rochelle Kilmer

She sells seashells, by the seashore - the seashells that she sells are sea shells, I'm sure!

Not only is it hard to say - it's hard to type! This seashell themed chain is the starting point for a lovely beachy bracelet. Perfect for that Caribbean Cruise, or sitting on a patio PRETENDING to be on a Caribbean cruise.

Jumprings lengthen the chain and connect the clasp, and give the clasp an adjustable length to hook into. Attach the charms with a jumpring as well - making sure that they are well closed so that they do not fall off. Alternate the charms with dangles of one or two headpins with 1 or 2 round beads on them.



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