Monday, October 31, 2011

Who you callin' Fat?

TL0151FR Miyuki TILA - 2 Hole Japanese Flat Square - Transparent Cobalt Matte ABYo' momma is so fat -- when she sits around the house, ...

Early last year - Miyuki brought out a new bead - a 2-hole flat square bead called "TILA."

Confusion reigned as to the pronunciation of this word? Acronym? What was TILA, except that it resembled "tile" - the approximate shape of the beads.

Well - over the past year - pronunciation has proven to be "Tee-la" - rhymes with "Lee-la." I had written on the TILA page that it rhymed with "Smile-a" - which I researched and got from somewhere, but haven't the foggiest idea where now.

And, apparently - the term "tila" - rhymes with "smile-a" is rather close to the phrase that means "You're fat."

So - my apologies to the skinny tile beads. I don't think you're fat. ;-) Phat maybe, but not fat.

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