Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Joy of Metal Clay: The November Poppy Challenge

November 11th is four weeks away as I write this and my adoring son found a poppy from last year and asked if I though he could start wearing it (FYI I looked it up the recommended wearing time for poppies is from November 1 to November 11). If you are curious about the tradition of wearing a poppy in November check out the Royal Canadian Legion article about the Poppy Campaign and it's history or The BBC News has an old article addressing poppy etiquette.

Anyway this reminded me of my goal last year to come up with a couple of metal clay poppy brooches. I did make a copper pendant prototype last year (but have misplaced any photos). So the challenge is on to come up with poppy jewelry to honour November.

I did a little metal clay search and found these two post:

So I am issuing a challenge to come up with Poppy jewelry for November and I will share your work here.

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