Friday, October 28, 2011

A little of this, a little of that.

Poor lonely blog. Yet again, I have a sick one at home - and of course I'm running like mad trying to get everything done. I should just forget about most of it, and chill out with the sick one. And of  course amuse myself with facebook.

As many of you know, most of us are serious dog (and cat) lovers around here. Dwyn our webmistress extraordinaire recently completed her level 1 Schutzund training with her dog 'The Dude', who is also a contender in the Fido casting call! If you're so inclined please vote for him  We'd love to see 'The Dude' in a fido commercial! :-) (Dwyn may in fact strangle me for this, but that's ok - she'll take it back if he wins)

And for something just plain silly - cuz it's Friday, and I say it's allowed. I think Dwyn and I both agree on this one - couldn't pass it sober ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend - and don't eat all of the Halloween candy before Monday ;-)


Zena said...

It's a good thing Just For Laughs doesn't operate in Toronto. Can you imagine if this lot had shown up in response to a certain 911 call made recently by a certain city official in the early morning hours...?

I know, I know: totally inappropriate political commentary for this blog, but I couldn't resist...

jen said...

heh ;-)

Inspired said...

That's hilarious! And even funnier that people would actually do the dance!