Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Joy Of Metal Clay: Copper Poppy Brooch

Here is a little project I worked on yesterday. A copper poppy brooch...made with Art Clay Copper (using a large circle cookie cutter and an ellipse or football shaped cookie cutter)

Roll out a piece of copper clay 1 mm thick and cut a large circle. Since I was using copper clay, I went big using a 2 inch circle.

Divide the circle into four parts (I used a circle which I had folded into four) and mark these four points. At these points you are going to use the ellipse cutter to cut notches in the circle.

Place the circle into a doming block. To shape and dry.

For this piece, I am going to put a brooch finding on the back and I want the back to be flat so I put a piece of paper in the bottom of the dome. (this makes the bottom flatter). See below, I just fitted a small piece of paper in the bottom of the dome.

Dry the piece.

Once dry, create a cutout shape for the brooch finding you are going to use. I used an inexpensive nickel finding that I am not going to fire but will glue on with resin after firing. (the finding is pictured below). Also you can embellish the front of the flower' oops I forgot to take a picture of this. You can place little balls or I took a ring of copper clay and textured a center (see below).

The piece now needs to to be pickled, polished and brooch placed on. I may try a few other things too. I will share next week.

Have a Happy Halloween tomorrow....

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