Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sneak Peek at Next Week

s23276 Sterling Bead Cap - 12 mm Lemon Slices - Thai Silver (1)Some silver (aren't these bead caps great?), some stone, some Swarovski, some Lucite Flowers. You know, the same old boring selection of utterly dazzling beads that we come up with which is designed to make you crazy until you get your hands on them - 27641071043040 Stone Beads - 30 x 40 mm Rectangle - Lapis (1)and then make you happy while you quietly bead up a storm. ;-)

BTW - the store will be closed from 3 pm Christmas Eve (Dec 24) straight through until Jan 2. We're sending everyone home for a good rest.
The online shopping cart WILL, of course, continue to take orders over the holiday - and while someone might slip in and pick a few orders - we really do intend to take some time off. Soooo - when we start back up in the New Year, we'll be well-rested. Probably behind a bit for a few days, but rested. ;-)

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