Thursday, December 03, 2009

The gift of beads or Jewelry

Are you like me, and have only vaguely planned who is getting what this year? I'm actually somewhat ahead of myself, as the shopping for the kids is done. However, this year - everyone else is getting something handmade.

Well, with the exception of the men - I don't make men's jewelry, mainly a lack of inspiration on my part. However, my husband doesn't wear any form of jewelry at all - including our wedding ring which he lost within a few months of our getting married. He wouldn't stop fiddling with the d*%m thing, and now it's lost down a sewage drain somewhere. I simply can't think of what else to make him - so he's getting books :-)

Most of our ballot entry readers felt the same way regarding men's jewelry. They either did not want to see men wearing jewelry, or their men simply wouldn't stand for it. In either case, it was a definite no go.

The funniest comment we got on that issue was (name withheld to protect the shopping habits of said customer) "The only beads I want a man near, are the ones he just paid for as we leave the bead store."

That particular comment had all of us snorting with laughter. :-)

Anyhoo, getting back on track. I'm making everything, from handmade soap, and jewelry, with a few sewn items thrown in to the mix. Curious minds want to know - are you done? How many of you are making the majority of your gifts this year?

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