Thursday, October 15, 2009

No power, limited internet

Sorry for no blog post yesterday. With the kids being so sick, it was inevitable that Dan and I would get it too. Yesterday was not good at all! Later yesterday evening, as I was sitting down to send out the email newsletter - our power went out, and stayed out for about 4 hours.

This morning, we discovered that our internet was mostly down in the store. I say mostly, as wireless connections work fine, but any of the wired computers (which is all except for 1) has no internet access. Probably a blown hub, but hopefully the tech person will get it up and running soon.

Please keep in mind, that since we only have 1 computer with internet access in the store, we may be a bit behind in responding to email inquires. Lee can only do so much :-) So if you do call - be especially nice to her. And yes, she likes chocolate as much as the rest of us!

Our regularly scheduled blog post will come later tonight or a double tomorrow - we'll see how the day goes ;-)

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