Thursday, October 22, 2009

Links from Yesterday and Seafoam

Have a look at the links our customers posted yesterday:

Yay for eye candy!

Here's something else to get you inspired - Seafoam, one of my favourite colours. I went on a little seafoam hunt through the shop, and I rediscovered these lovelies :-)


Canadian Rockies Art - Nathalie Girard said...


I'm with you on this - I LOVE 'Seafoam' colored beads... these are all so lovely!

Thank you for sharing the link of my site, I appreciate it!

Tell me, I participated in the Corsage Project (first time this year) and I was wondering how things went this year as I don't recall seeing a post about it on the blog and there's no update on your main website. Did you manage to take a few pictures of the creations we sent in?

I posted my Corsage Project creations on my site on this gallery page here (if you want to take a peek):

I think it's such a wonderful project to get involved in. I really enjoyed participating and I will be doing it again every year from now on. I appreciate the opportunity that you are giving us to help these teens.

Sorry for getting off the main topic!

dragonjools said...

I love seafoam! Seafoam and a soft lavendar purple and matte jet. Fabulous combo!