Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Our etsy sites

Sorry for the late post. I picked up a wee bug while I was camping a few weeks ago, and I'm feeling just a little off. My day's and nights are getting a little mixed up, as I'm sleeping whenever I can - Now that we're heading towards midnight, I'm of course wide awake :-)

You may have noticed that we have a bunch of etsy sites. Dwyn and I in particular seem to be especially hit by the etsy bug. I think the appeal with etsy is the community, and of course the inspiration that comes from being exposed to so many handmade items. I now do all gift buying (of things I don`t make myself) on etsy. The handmade items are generally the most cherished by the recipient. - speaking of which, get busy making your holiday jewelry - only 169 sleeps left!

We of course have our main etsy site - . Many years ago, Dwyn and I were talking about putting some of our more unique beads, and our inspirations on that site - As you know, some plans just don't work out due to time constraints. However, we do have many customers who would prefer to shop in US funds. I'm working on adding quite a few more products to the etsy site over the coming weeks. Of course, we will never have the over 12000 (and pushing) items on etsy as we do on our main catalogue. It's perfect for those of you who just want a couple of items, and can wait for regular post.

Dwyn also has a couple of sites - One is her main Dragonjools site -
Dragonjools features her handmade beads, and her signature jewelry. If you're looking for something unique and one of a kind - be sure to check it out.

Dwyn also has a secondary etsy site called Dwynsjools - -
Here Dwyn posts inspirations made by her from our Inspiration pages.

I have a couple of etsy sites - One of course is the jenniferbeads site - I hope to have more goodies up here shortly. Once I have a bit more time, I`ll be listing my metal clay jewellery and lampwork beads again. - someday :-)

And then for something completely different is the site I run with my Mom - our soap site -

For those of you who are thinking about selling your handmade jewelery on etsy, here is a link you should check out before you start -

There is `A lot` of material here. If you`re suffering from insomnia like me at the moment - this should keep you going all night :-)

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