Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Classes...What do you think?

Every week I blog to let you all know what is happening at Beadfx--mostly about classes and sometimes about other special events. I was thinking this morning that it would nice to know if the classes we are booking are what everyone is looking for. Are they? Let us know please.

I am actively working on the fall schedule and have some really exciting new stuff coming. Heather Bell-Denison has some great new ideas that should be coming to the site in a few weeks. Stephanie Dixon has some new stuff in the works too. We have Michael David Sturlin coming this October, those classes should be really great. But I would really like to know what else you are looking for. Do you want project based classes? Or are you more interested in technique based classes?

The aim with classes, is of course, to help out our customers and this is why I want to know what you like. If you are a new beader and looking for beginner classes let me know what type you are looking for--stringing, stitching, wire work... If you are a seasoned beader and would like to try something more advanced or directed at a specific skill I would love to know that too.

Comment on the blog or send us an email, let us know what you are thinking.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Happy Beading and thanks!


The Dixon Chick said...

I would like to learn how to do different bead stitches. - like maybe a sampler of each stitch. Also, I get asked about finishing alot - so maybe a class in that.

cynthia said...

that is in the works for September actually, I will keep you posted on that.

Anonymous said...

The posts about bead classes are my least favorite. I am nowhere near Toronto (and have heard more than a few nightmares about months of smog alerts during the summer, not to mention the bitter cold in winter), the 'upcoming class' posts are a little too Toronto-centric for my tastes. posts for classes in places other than Toronto sound a little more interesting! (bead shows you may be travelling to etc.)

Figgs said...

I would love to take a course from the Dixon Chick for instance.....or watch Dwyn do her lampwork.....or #1 on the list would be general classes on different aspects of beading. However, as it is a 1.5 hour drive from Brampton, so far it is not feasible. We do not have anyone teaching classes here. Only one New Age LBS here and Michaels.

Even to have someone say "make this project" would get me moving, grin. I am a lousy self-motivator because I only ever had classes at Michaels. And just basic beginner ones. But the mags are good.

Ms. Anonymous.....we don't have months of smog alerts and/or bitter cold. Well....we do get a tad frosty, but not for months on end. Or is it that we Canadians are a tough lot, LOL!!

dragonjools said...

Well - I have a short video here:


Figgs said...

Thanks Dwyn.....that is so amazing to watch. I figure I would burn the place down if I tried it!! 8-))

Anonymous said...

I see a few others are in the same boat I am..I'm in Barrie, which is not that far really...but I work a fulltime+ job and travel for my company, so the classes I would love to take always end up being when I am not able never fails.
Have you ever considered online class options? Looks like it might be something people could get into. I'm thinking something a la the ones Beaducation does.

As to the type of class...for me, beadweaving intermediate level. I'd love some beaded bead classes, some embellished spiral rope; project oriented is what I prefer.
Stephanie, one of these times I'll get in there for one of your classes for sure!

Anonymous said...

I'm keen on taking modern wire wrapping classes. (It's a different style to the courses already offered at I see some stuff for sale in boutiques that takes my breath away and I'd love to learn how to create my own unique artistic creations.

I'm also interested in learning how to solder and make things with sterling silver.

Hope this helps! :)

Figgs said...

OT a bit, but the use of *Anonymous* makes it really difficult to tell if it is the same person posting 3 times, or 3 different people. In this case, I think it is the latter, but perhaps people could put a name on their post instead.

Just my 2 cents worth....

And to be on topic....I agree with the last 2 Anony mouses....wire wrapping and bead crocheting would be excellent!!!!

Heather....aka *Figgs* cuz there already is a Heather on here.