Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Linky love Tuesday

Yes, I know my linky love posts never happen on the same day of the week. It's Tuesday, well after 9pm - and I'm just getting a chance to sit down at the computer now. So much for my early blog post ;-)

I just came across a few interesting sites and blogs which you can add to your daily read.

I first came across http://jewelrymaking.craftgossip.com - the whole site is quite neat, with lots of posts for events, classes, free giveaways, and other craft and beady happenings.

I then stumbled on to the Jewelry Business Guru - Lots of business and marketing tips for those of you who are selling your jewelry.

Tonight was the night I was supposed to work on the birds nest ring video. The kids are still up though, by the time I manage to get them in bed (and staying in bed) I think I'll be pretty much toast. It's coming though :-)

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