Friday, April 17, 2009

Do you Tweet?

I'm curious, so let's have a little poll here. Do you twitter? I have to admit, I'm intrigued. However, I worry it's yet another time suck. I'd love to hear how you all balance all of the various social networking sites. They can be invaluable for keeping your friends and customers updated on what you're doing. But are you spending more time updating all of the various sites than you are working on your creations? And if you're using these sites to sell your jewelry...Is it working?

Which of the social networking sites are you using most often?

Ok, so it's not a poll per say. I'd love to hear your comments though!

Edit - I'm writing this on Wednesday, and after I posted I decided to really start looking around twitter - and following people (stalking them?) it is a time suck. It's now 3:30. I still have paperwork, the email update for tonight, photography for the inspiration tonight...But what have I been doing? - twittering...yeesh.


The Dixon Chick said...

I have a twitter account - but have not delved into too much - because well - I am playing that damn Mahjong game Dwyn posted a link too!

Laura said...

I don't twitter. I know people who do, but I don't really "get it".
It took me a long time to sign up for Facebook (aka Crackbook) which I am very addicted to, as I reconnected with people I hadn't spoken with for over 10 years. But they changed their layout, so it's not as easy or desirable to navigate. Also, real life off the computer is busier now. Mostly work-wise.
Started a Blog years ago, and found I had nothing interesting to say...not sure if I can access it or if it still exists.

dragonjools said...

I twitter occasionally - I joined to follow Roland Hedley. For those of you not in the know - Roland Hedley is the (fictional) investigative reporter from Doonesbury.

The Dixon Chick - You're very welcome. ;-) Byte me.

Figgs said...

I just cancelled my Twitter. I frankly couldn't see the point of having it. Us "old folks" ain't the tweetin' types, lol.

I do have Facebook, but really not all that interested in it either. Even the 20 something girl next door admits it is an obsession. Who in heck has 265 friends in real life?? (VBG)

Hey Dwyn......can you can help me follow the plot on Doonesbury??? On second thought, do I really want to?? 8-))