Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Thursday

So I woke up this morning to discover that our website was supposedly down. Dwyn called to let us know, and I couldn't connect at all. I could get email though, and since it's all on the same server I found that a little strange. I called the store to let them know I was running late as I was trying to get the website back up and running. Of course their response was 'huh?' The website is fine here.

More strangeness. Turns out one of the major pipes (bandwidth) in Toronto was having problems. If you had trouble getting to the site this morning - that's why. It should be all fixed now.

In other news, we're super busy getting ready for the bead fair this weekend! The Spring Fair is on Saturday from 10-5 details here.

Have fun at the show! Our store will be open, and I'll be working at the store so that Rosemary can go to the show. She's never been able to go, as our store is always open. We thought we'd give her a chance to check out the show.

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