Thursday, March 26, 2009

Linky Thursday

I've recently come across a few sites that show you how to do, well just about anything. These sites have lots of craft instructions including videos.

The first is - Everything from how to make your home more energy efficient, to thrift store shopping tips. Lot's of bead related stuff too, but that's a given :-)

Next we have Instructables, - This site is a web based documentation project that started at MIT, and then became Squid Labs. Tons of cool, and wacky projects here. There is even instructions on how to build a multi level kids castle in your living room. How on earth the guy got permission from his wife to build it....

Craftster - I'm sure I've mentioned this one before. Craftster has been around a while, they may even have been the first of this type of site. A big community with lots of galleries and projects.

In other news, we're busy restocking from our big March Madness sale. I just put out all of the new pearls...yummy!

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