Monday, March 09, 2009


About a million years ago, I used to watch, in horrified fascination, as my grandmother used to skewer her head with a pearl tipped hatpin as she got ready to go out.

I resolved that I was never going to wear hats, as I would not be able to take the pain of sticking them to my head with pointy needles!

Eventually, I figured out that the pins don't actually go into your skull - but I never really picked up the hat habit.

However, hatpins aren't merely relics of a bygone age. Hats are back in vogue, and you can always dress one up with a few fancy hatpins that are purely for decoration.

A friend of mine makes them to mark significant achievements - keeps them in a cup on her desk to remind herself of those accomplished goals and life's little triumphs. Nice to have a reminder of the good things close at hand!

If you have a single, special bead, you can secure it to your hatpin with single crimp bead. This would work for a stone bead or a special lampwork bead.

If you want to do something more elaborate, then you can use wire to secure your beads and add more detail.

Click on the image to see a larger version that is easier to read!

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