Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Do you all know what happens in March?

Sorry for the late post today...but this should make up for it.

As a little preview for our wonderful blog readers, I thought I'd give you a little heads up.

Every year, we have at least one BIG sale. Well our March Madness Event will be starting soonish. I know, I know, very annoying of me to not announce the actual date yet. But I'll give you a little hint. We always run the sale during March Break, and the sale runs for 10 days.
Our staff always end up going just a little mad, while somehow maintaining their awesome sense of humour. We've got plenty of staff scheduled for the event, and we're seriously hoping to not fall too far behind this year with your orders. That said, it's best to get your order in early on during the sale. First in, first out!

We'll be announcing the full details soon on the blog and in our newsletter. Stay tuned!

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