Monday, March 14, 2016

Riveting made easy

I taught a leather cuff bracelet project this weekend at Beadfx that featured rivets as a main structural and design component. And riveting has never been easier! So I thought I'd share how easy it is to use Metal Complex compression rivets on today's blog.

Here's a picture of the cuff -- well, several versions of it:

The compression rivets I used have rounded caps and come in two pieces that look the same on the top and bottom, except that one cap is slightly longer than the other so they fit together snugly. There are various sizes too. The 6 x 6 mm pictured below have the same size domed caps on each part of the rivet. Others can be 6 x 7 mm so one cap is larger than the other. 

They can be set using just a hammer, but that method tends to flatten the lovely domed cap of the rivet. But of course, there is a handy tool you can use to set the rivets and keep the domed caps nice and rounded.  

The depressions in the anvil plate and in the end of the striker ensure both caps on your compression rivet stay nicely domed. All of these rivets, in silver and gold tone metal, as well as snap closures and their setting tool, can be found on the site and in store. 

You will need to make a small investment in a leather hole punch: there are several kinds available, from handheld squeeze-type pliers to metal tubes that you strike with a hammer. 

Once you have a couple of special tools and a bag of rivets, find some new or recycled leather and get to work making great wearable jewellery that's comfortable, stylish and fun.  

Credit for the original bracelet design goes to Brenda Schweder. This version is my riff on her original design. The clasp and joining components are created on the Now That's a Jig! You also might notice I added eyelets to one version. They are easy to set with the right tools too. 

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Gail Speers said...

Love this design! I wonder how it would look with all eyelets?!?