Sunday, March 20, 2016

InspirationFX: Jelly Bean Dream

Jelly Bean Dream
by: Anne Marie Desaulniers

     This little twisted treat is the result of a challenge from Rochelle, to make an Easter "Inspiration".  Certainly not my normal style or colour range, but a temptation just the same. My childhood memories of Easter, include a colourfully decorated dining room table, liberally sprinkled with jelly beans, baskets and strips of cellophane (not to mention chocolate!).  This bracelet brings sweet, sweet memories of times long past!

Jelly Bean Dream - Four Strand Super-Duo Bracelet

- Add a stop bead to 2 arm lengths of Fireline (approximately 2 yards ), leaving a 6" tail.  I say approximately, because it will depend entirely on the length of your bracelet.  There will be some waste, but you will be able to judge better after the first strand is completed

- String as follows, through one hole on your SuperDuos - SD/FP(Firepolish)/SD/FP/SD/FP.......continue until you have your preferred length, less 3/4 inch, and ending with a SuperDuo

-Pull on your Fireline to tighten the beads, if and where necessary

-Check the size of the strand, to make sure that it's not too long/short!  Remember, if you're planning to twist the strands, you will need extra length.

-Add 10, size 11 seed beads, and then take your needle into the second hole of your SuperDuo.  String one Firepolish between each of the SuperDuos. 

-When you reach the end, add 10 more size 11 seed beads, remove your stop bead, then take your needle back through the first hole (on the side you started with) on the SuperDuo.

-Take your needle/Fireline through the first side of the strand, then through the first set of seed beads you added.

-Then take your needle/Fireline through the second side of the strand, then through the second set of seed beads you added.

-Take your needle/Fireline through enough beads, to meet your original thread tail.

-Tie off threads with a surgeons knot and then trim. Add a dab of glue if you wish!

Your first string is completed!  Now make three more.....using the other SuperDuo colours. 

Note:  I used 54 Superduos for my bracelet, but it ended up a little large.  Use more or less, according to your wrist size.  Approximately 48 - 50 SuperDuos would probably be enough for an average wrist size! 

Finishing: - Join the four strings with a 9 mm jumpring on each end. Attach the clasp to one of the 9 mm jumprings, using a smaller jumpring (6 or 7 mm).

Twist strands a few times, wind around your wrist, and fasten clasp!  Enjoy!

- wear the bracelet straight, not twisted
- add a charm or crystal dangle



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Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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