Sunday, August 03, 2014

InspirationFX: Playing in Van Goghs Garden


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Playing in Van Goghs Garden

by: Lee Metsalo

When I first saw the Faux-Abalone series, I immediately thought of Van Gogh’s Irises.  When I read our description of the "scratchability" of these beads, the next question that came up was,  "How will this piece would react to being glued?"  So I decided to play, and used the E6000 to test.  Success!

The description of the bezel setting says that it has a single hole for hanging, but who is to say which way?  When in the garden, one plays!  And so, I turned the bezel with the hole at the bottom, added a brooch back, and then started hanging bugs, flowers and leaves off the bottom using eyepins and headpins.  Use any combination and permutation of beads that come together in your beady flower garden!

Tools used:  round nose pliers, flatnose pliers, cutters.



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