Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Joy of Metal Clay; Paper Metal Clay

Metal clay comes in a variety of forms: clay, paste, oil paste, syringe and paper type.  Paper type metal clay can be used for origami.  Which is something I have been hope to do but must admit I have been a little intimidated to try.  I have used paper type clay to cut out small shapes with paper punches to applique to my piece but never origami.   I found this video which walks you through a project using paper clay.  One thing to note is that not all paper clay is made the same; Art Clay Silver paper clay is  thicker than the PMC version of paper clay.

In this project the demonstrator is using PMC version paper clay:  

Of note in this demonstration she torch fires the paper clay.  This is obviously possible as she does complete the project but I would caution beginners on torch firing paper type metal clay as it is thin and is even more likely to melt than dry metal clay.  Also of note, she mentions at the end that the clay is "covered with crystals that you need to rub off" it is my understanding that is just the silver particles are not lined up properly, you are not rubbing anything off you are just compressing and lining up the particles correctly so that you have shiny silver.  Anyway don't forget that paper clay can be a fun medium to work in.  Have fun! Heather

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