Monday, July 20, 2009

What to do - when the Headpin is too small for the hole

You're wiring up a pendant, and the only headpins you have have too small a head for the hole - they just slide right through the bead!

Use a spacer bead with a smaller hole to stop the headpin going through the hole in the bead!

Add one more more spacer beads - I find you can create a very nice look by stacking them - and you can handily stop the headpin from pulling through the hole.

I have a little bin that I put all the little left over spacers from projects into - so that I always have an interesting assortment of beads handy for just such use.


stacy said...

I also like using seed beads (delicas, 11¤, 8¤, depending) to fill up large holed beads. It prevents the larger bead from wiggling around on the head pin!

pomlady101 said...

never thought of using spacers on a headpin, looks nice. using small beads so the big one stays is a good tip as well. Never seem to learn this stuff in books!!