Wednesday, June 01, 2016

What colour is your happy place?

Could it be one of the primary colours? Perhaps you’d be happiest with some of the secondary or tertiary colours? It matters not, as your “happy place” could be coloured with just about anything that strikes your fancy!
I’ve always said that my favourite colour is blue, but that actually changed a bit as I grew older. I still love blue, but also find myself drawn to aqua and turquoise hues. Does that mean that I like my blue, mixed with a dash of green? In reality, I probably love blues and greens the best! Who could resist the colour of the sea, sky and woods? The best-loved crayons in the box, and definitely the ones that needed to be replaced first! They energize and renew me, and are most definitely my “happy place”!
How about you? Which colours do you gravitate to first? Have you ever analyzed why you reach for them, and if they truly make you happy?
When I create, I find that I easily reach for the colours I love the most. However, I soon realized that I would limit myself, if I only painted with my happy colours. To be more rounded, as both a beader and an artist, you should consider sliding a few more colours onto your palette. Of course you know that I really mean beads, but this also applies to paints, pencils, crayons, fabric, floss, yarn, and just about anything else.
According to Red is associated with energy and power. Orange is a warm, inviting, and joyful colour. Yellow is the colour of optimism, brightness, cheery attitude and mental clarity. Green is a tremendously pleasing colour. It has many positive qualities – invoking renewal, balance, refreshment and peace. Blue promotes rest and calm. Violet stimulates the problem solving areas in our brain, and it promotes creativity, intuition and artistic ability. Their article related to using "colour to impact the mood of your home", but it makes perfect sense, and can also be applied to beading, mixed media, art in general, and many other areas.
Perhaps a combination of many colours is the true answer to your “happy place”. Do we need one colour for rest and relaxation, a different one for creativity, and still another to get us out the door in the morning (or is that coffee)? What or why doesn’t really matter, just having a “happy place” is really what it’s all about!

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