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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Let it Glow, Let it Glow, Let it Glow!

tb11rpf2701s Japanese Seedbeads - 11/0 Toho Seedbeads - Silver Lined Crystal/Glow Blue
tb8rpf2700s Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Seedbeads - Silver Lined Crystal/Glow GreenOh these beads look silver-lined
but they have a secret entwined
As soon as the lights are low
Then they glow, yes they glow, oh they glow!

These are the new glow-in-the-dark beads from Toho - they absolutely look like silver-lined crystal - but after exposing them to light - especially UV (think bright sunlight or black lights - or your gel nail curing lamp!) - they glow loud and proud! You may have tb11rpf2701s Japanese Seedbeads - 11/0 Toho Seedbeads - Silver Lined Crystal/Glow Blueseen the ad with the glowing wedding dress - these are those beads.
We have size 8/0, in Glow Blue and Glow Green, and Size 11/0 in Glow Blue and Glow Green. And yes - they do glow different colours - the green is more intense, however; a brighter glow. If you do want to hand-bead a wedding dress - let us know and we will do a better price for bulk purchases. ;-)

s49408 Pendant -  Walnut Wood Round Pendant - VictorianIf you are looking for something more organic than glow-in-the-dark beads, we have some more of these lovely wood pendants - you really can't get much more organic than wood!

s49412 Flat Gallery Wire -  Fleur de Lys - Sterling Silver (6 inches)And for those of you who asked - gallery wire - patterned, flat sterling wire for making bezels and other decorative elements.

Speaking of bezels, or things to go in bezels - these new, glass cabochons are really s49414 Glass - 24 mm Round Cabochon - Blue Turquoise Lumiquite lovely - in colours that coordinate with the new trend in organic looking glass. Check them all out!

s49583 Sizzix -  Movers & Shapers Magnetic Die - Bracelet Thin Set Longs49582 Sizzix -  Movers & Shapers Magnetic Die - Floral BraceletAnd last, but certainly not the least of the new items this week - for those of you who have been waiting for the Sizzix leather cutting dies ... they're here! From plain to fancy - and the leather too - if you've been itching to try this latest addition to the Sizzix cut-out line - they're here!


Shipping During the Postal Disruption

We still have no idea what will happen on July 2. Will there be a strike? Will there be a lock-out? Will there be a happy resolution? We must but wait and see.

To you in the U.S., this means - de nada. Your shipments will go as usual without any delays for the usual flat rate ($7.95 Cdn, about $6.11 US as I type this - about 9 cents less than last week) - shipped from Buffalo - no customs, duties, border fees or delays.

To everyone in Canada - we have some options.

Option 1 - Effective immediately - to keep the beads flowing - we are pleased to offer couriered shipping - $11.95 per package. Sorry - no free shipping for the duration of the strike. We can not courier to a PO Box - give us a different address please if that is your situation.

Option 2 - not a hurry - the usual flat rate of $7.95, and your order will ship after Canada Post resumes operation. We will hold your order and put it in the mail after we know the mail is moving. We are currently holding these orders - if we put them in the mail and the strike happens - who knows when you will get it. You can also contact us and convert your order to courier shipping if this looks like it will drag out.

You are also welcome to pickup or arrange for your own courier. As always - dropping into the store if you are in the area to pick up your order is an option - you might see something else that you like! Please email us to get a time-line on when it will be ready.

Anyway - I encourage you to check out all the new items here and see what launches your canoe!
Bead Happy!

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