Thursday, June 09, 2016

Something new in something old!!

s49134 Czech Glass - 6 mm Round - Green Turquoise Picasso (25)
I know - you are sitting there at your kitchen table / desk at work / driving in your car and thinking to yourself: "If only there were some new colours in the round beads." Well - you were thinking that, right?

s49135 Czech Glass - 8 mm Round - Shaded Amber Picasso (25)

Well - now you don't have to think about it - see how much effort I just saved you? Because we actually have some of the exciting new colours and finishes that we have seen be developed in the past few years in seedbeads, now available in 8 mm rounds, and a couple of smaller sizes too. I'm quite excited about these - plain round beads, in not so plain colours!

OK - it's not a huge number of colours, but think of the possibilities. And when is the last s49126 Czech Glass - 4 mm Round - Greenstone Luster (50)time you saw something new in round glass beads? Hmmm?
This is, of course, more of the Joy of Czechs that we are currently celebrating - with more of the wonderful pressed glass Czech beads.

s49153 Czech Glass -  Sugar Skull - Grey Black Wash (10)s49156 Czech Glass -  Tree of Life Coin - Olive Picasso Copper Wash (12)Which gives us these intriguing and gothy Sugar Skulls. And these uplifting Tree of Life coin beads.

s49175 Czech Glass -  Lotus Blossom - Aqua White Mix Bronze Wash (15)And even these Lotus Blossoms, which, by the way, are so much more than a flower. They are a end cap for a large bead, or make an interesting pattern by alternating them front to back and putting a bigger bead between the ones facing inward. Or outward. Or both.

s49185 Czech Glass - 8.5 mm Hibiscus Flower - Yolk Yellow Picasso (12)Also - flower wise - these Hibiscus Flowers are just begging to be made into bracelets! Advances in bead making technology make it possible for these beads to be both cut - with polished sides, and washed - with accenting colour washes to highlight the pressed pattern, in a way that has not been possible in the past. Because the s49187 Czech Glass - 9.5 mm Hibiscus Flower - Sapphire Silk Picasso (12)cutting process destroyed the accent colour and the colour process covered up the cut. But it's changed - so new possibilities!

s49140 Czech Glass -  Greek Key Square - Blue Jet/Copper Wash (10)Unlock your creativity with some Greek keys, s49130 Czech Glass -  Pressed Saturn - Jet/Gold Wash (strand 25)head to market with some new piggy beads, and reach for the stars, or at least, the s49133 Czech Glass - 8 mm Piggy Beads - Turquoise Picasso (25)pressed saturns.

Anyway - I encourage you to Czech out all the new items here (in a friendlier - I think - format) and see what tickles your fancy!
Bead Happy!

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