Sunday, February 14, 2016

InspirationFX: Sweetheart Keyfobs

Sweetheart Keyfobs
by: Anne Marie Desaulniers

Just think! No more worrisome debates about who owns, which set of keys.  Make one unique key fob for yourself, and another for your spouse.  A sweetheart of a project, made from simple and inexpensive ingredients. I used my own painted papers, but you could use the decorative paper of your choice. You could even use old love letters, postage stamps, or magazine pages. Or mix and match with your special person. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless!

-Make a pattern by tracing the top of the Klik Snap Base (you could also photocopy) onto paper.

-Cut slightly inside the line and then try it out for fit.  Trim as necessary.

-Trace pattern onto decorative paper.  Cut out as many circles as required.

-Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge, on the bottom of the first Klik Snap base.

-Carefully insert decorative paper circle into Klik Snap Base.

-Paint another layer of Mod Podge on the top of the paper circle.  Make sure that the circle is thoroughly coated, including the edges.

-Repeat steps until you have filled all of the Klik Snap Bases.

-Wait for the Mod Podge coated paper to dry (I like to leave it overnight, but a couple of hours would probably be okay).

-Mix equal parts of Part A (resin) and Part B (Hardener) Ice Resin according to package directions (using plastic mixing cup and wooden craft sticks).  Only mix enough resin to fill your bezels. After fully mixed, let sit for 5 minutes, to allow air bubbles to settle.  You will have between 30-45 minutes of working time.

-Push each of the the Klik Snap Bases, into the top of the styrofoam.  Not too hard, but just enough to give you a level surface, for the resin.

-Using a wooden craft stick, drip resin slowly and gently into each of the Klik Snap Bases.  Fill them to the top, but do not overfill.  Any drips can be cleaned up while wet, with Baby Wipes.

-Exhale gently, close to resin surface, to clear any obvious air bubbles (but only if necessary)

-Cover with a clean box lid and allow to dry.  The box lid should keep dust particles away from the surface of your resin.

-Your resin will be dry in 12 hours, and fully cured in three days.  After 12 hours, you will be able to assemble by clicking each of the bases, onto the key fobs.

Make one, make two, or make a whole family of Key Fobs!  Enjoy the process!

Additional material NOT sold at BeadFX:
Mod Podge
-Decorative Paper



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