Thursday, February 11, 2016

Buckle up! - There's going to be a stamp-ede

s47785 Findings - 10 mm Flat Leather -  Square Faux Buckle Clasp (Magnetic) - Antiqued BrassYeeeha! Ride 'em cowgal! It's time to buckle up, hook-on, and clasp tightly. These fancy Faux Buckle clasps, in Antiqued Brass and Bright Silver, are actually magnetic clasps, but are designed to look like buckles with a strap through. They fit the 10 mm flat leather, or two side by side pieces of the 5 mm flat.
s47789 Findings - 5 mm Round Leather -  Circle Hook Clasp - Nite BlackIf you have a hankering for the round leather, this hook clasp takes the 5 mm round leather, and is a new colour for us for the leather - a shiny black.

s47788 Findings - Round Leather -  End Caps and Spring Clasp - Bright SilverAnd, if like me - you believe in go big or go home, then this clasp takes 3 strands of the 5 mm round leather, giving you lots of design options!

s47809 Metal Blank - 22 x 29 mm Oval Link - Antiqued Silver (2)But what about that stamp-ede I promised? Lots of new items to stamp to your heart's desire on. These are pewter - so soft and easy to stamp, and smooth on one side, and textured on the other so that they are also superb to glue s47824 Metal Blank - 25 mm Open Square with Loop - Bright Copper (2)on to. Ovals, links, pendants, squares, open squares, rounds, hearts, and flowers.

s47852 Metal Buttons -  Cup Flower - Antiqued BrassSo button down the hatches, (these cute little metal flower buttons fit beautifully onto the 2 mm leather, oh and the centre cup is perfect for gluing in a bead or rhinestone in any size from 4.5 - 6 mm.) - s47870 Silver Silk - Knitted Wire -  Capture Leather - Brass / Black (2 feet)Capture some ideas, (SilverSilk Leather Capture - leather and knitted wire!), and make some Wonderful Wire s48075 Book -  Wonderful Wire Jewerly - by Erica SwansonJewelry.

Check out all the new items here or click on a link above! Go forth and create and be happy!

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